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Welcome to Timmer's little place on the web !

These pages are the home of Pantsman, the FLAGGS,
my collection pics, with plenty of stuff to follow !

My new website with video reviews :


The Flaggs!

Also, Pantsman has gotten his own place !


update June 6th 2005. Fixed some links and email adress.
update March 28th 2002 : Added counters to the main site
and the FLAGGS (and hey, people ectually visit this place)
Also begun construction on the 2001 FLAGGS page
update July 6th 2001 : Added two chapters to pantsquest
update September 10th 2001 : made the Flaggs pages available
update mid September 2001 : All new customs up, new funny pics up, new Pantsman story up, Flaggs got new content
update September 28th 2001 : Added two chapters to pantsquest -part 2

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