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Welcome to the home of the FLAGGS !

The FLAGGS are an annual award show where people get
to vote to decide the best, and worst, of all things Joe.

Near the end of every year, a voting ballot goes out to
the Pit (and usually some other mailing lists too )
to give everybody a chance to tell the world who
their favorite figure is. (and a lot, LOT more)

Then, after I have recieved filled-in ballots, I start
working on the FLAGGS. Check out the past award
FLAGGS shows to get a feeling of what to expect !

Hope you enjoy the site !

Email me !


The OTHER FLAGGS, picture curtosy of Will Horst

What's New?

August 30th 2001 : The Beta version of these pages
go online
March 2002 : 2001 FLAGGS are up !
November 21st 2002 : 2002 FLAGGS ballot is up !
March 2003 : 2002 FLAGGS are up !
June 30th 2005 : The 2005 FLAGGS form is put up, FAQ updated

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