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The Pantsman Universe
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The Pantsman Universe/Order of Battle explained

Just thought I'd write this document to show what universe
Pantsman is set in, and what kind of universe it is.

Short answer : It's really, really messed up.

Now this answer would satisfy mere mortals, but not people like
you and me, who want continuity, dammit, so now the long version....

"....As Shao Khan and Shinnocks forces opened up the dimensional
portals to Earth Realm, something occured that they didn't expect.
The very fabric of the multiverse started collapsing, causing different
realities to merge. Soon, the Death Star was battling Unicron, Batman
was getting his ass handed to him by Snake-Eyes, and Homer Simpson
found himself working for Cobra Commander . At this point, both the Elder
Gods and the Elders of the Universe stepped in to clean up the mess.
They managed to return most realities to normal, but ended up creating
several new ones...." These are the words of Raiden.....

One of those realities is the Pantsman Universe, and amalgaman of
the GIJOE cartoon, comic and toy universes. All this while overlapping
with several other alt. universes too.

As a result, you'll see toy-only characters, like Sidetrack, cartoon-only
characters like Sparks mingling with comic characters.

In this universe, GIJOE is not as covert as in the comic, nor is Cobra.
Additionally,several Joes that died in the comic are alive here.

Several stories from both the comic and the toon have happened here,
so far referenced, for example, have been the Millville story and "The Viper
Is Coming".

GIJOE Headquarters looks like the cartoon HQ, but also has several
undeground floors, like the Pit. (any of them)

In the future, it could be that elements from non-Joe universes are also
incorporated, whenever I feel like a cross-over.

Some universes are not in the Pantsman one, though, such as :

- The Buffyverse (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) as people commented on
Buffy fanfic in "Settling In"

- Power Rangers, as Hawk mentioned it was just a TV show in
"Pantsquest - part 1"

- The simpsons, Zartan mentioned watching the show in "Pantsquest,
part 2"

Who's Who ? AKA The Order Of Battle.....

As we are talking parody, persons in these funfics are dumber than they

Real Name : Classified (AKA, I'm too lazy to look it up)
Alt. Codename : Tracker
Function : Superhero

Panstman was your everyday Joe (Joe, geddit? Hur Hur) untill one day
a knock on the head transformed him into Pantsman, a vigilante, bent on
ridding the world of Cobra.

Real Name : Classified
Alt. Codename : Bazooka
Function : Superhero Sidekick

Shortsboy was together with Tracker in the cave when it collapsed, and he
got the same type of head injury as Tracker, causing him to turn into
Pantsman's crimefighting sidekick.

General Hawk
Real Name : Clayton Abernathey
Alt. Codename : General Tomahawk
Function : Joe commander

Hawk allowed Pantsman and Shortboy to operate in Joe Headquarters,
at the request of Doc, hoping to bring them back to their sences, so far, no

Real Name : Classified
Alt. Codename : Pornman
Function : victim of jokes

Clutch had to give up his private motorpool so that our dynamic duo could
build the Pantscave, their base of operations.

Real Name : Conrad Hauser/Dashiel Faireborne
Alt. Codename : Coma Man/Third Wheel
Function : Master Sergeant/Warrant officer (too high up for them ranks)

Duke and Flint are Hawks second-in-commands, and often have to give
insights when Hawk makes command decisions, though they are often

Cobra Commander
Real Name : Like I'd know that, ask Warflight
Alt. Codename : Ragface/loser
Function : Cobra leader (sometimes)

(at gunpoint) Cobra Commander has had a sterling career as leader of
the highly successful Cobra organization, it has only been recently that
His plans have been foiled by a new nemesis - Pantsman.

Nice pants !