Halloween Special
The Pantsman Universe
Pantsman - The Origin
Settling in/Computer Confusions
Pantsquest ! Part 1
Pantsquest ! - Part 2

Welcome to the home of PANTSMAN !

Check out the first part of the Pantsman Halloween
Special !!!!!

Here you'll learn all about Pantsman, and you can read
the Pantsman Chronicles.

For First-time visitors, I suggest taking a look at
"The Pantsman Universe" to learn more (though this
DOES contain spoilers), or you could start with
"Pantsman - The Origin" , the very first Pantsman
story ever written !

Enjoy !

What's New?

August 31st 2001 - Beta version of these pages go online
Mid September 2001 - Pantsman universe and Pantsquest -part 2 added
September 28th 2001 - Added two chapters to Pantsquest-part2
October 28th 2002 - Added first part of the Pantsman
Halloween Special (I don't update much, do I ?)